Axel ''Acu'' Räsänen
Personal identity project
My name is Axel ''Acu’’ Räsänen. I am self-taught graphic designer from Finland. I specialize in brand identity & advertising. I started designing roughly 6 years ago, back in 2012. I am highly experienced in social media, advertisement and eSports designs. I have worked with numerous brands such as Ironside Computers, Imagine Customs, SoaR Gaming, Team Naventic, DareRising, eRa EternityViperio EsportsDenial Esports and Gale Force Esports.

The logo / branding
Minimalism, blend and restraint are the main features of the brand identity. The color choice is to represent stability with calming and positive connotations.
Logo designed by Viasco / Behance
Typography / Primary typeface
Karla is an open-source, grotesque sans-serif typeface designed by Jonathan Pinhorn.
Gotham is designed by American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000.

Brand colors / Color system
#db7255, #050417, #000000 & #ffffff
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